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The Art of Blogging

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Having created several blogs and initiated several discussion threads, I felt it was time to step back and look at the implications of creating content on the Internet.  Social networking has created content at phenomenal rates.  Those of us in IT systems who are concerned about contributing to noise in the information space, are left wondering whether these networks are truly beneficial? Creating garbage is far easier than creating crops.

Let us face it, a majority of the blogs, including yours truly, was intended to create branding for the firms we work for.  I felt uncomfortable with this concept and started a technology Advisory blog where I just started organizing my thoughts in the form of a narrative (  The sole objective was to help use technology to reduce healthcare costs.

Some guidelines for creating value:

  1. If the objective is attention and branding, then nothing sells like a contrary viewpoint.  “Does IT Matter” created an instant brand name for Nicholas Carr.
  2. If the objective is to create a long-term sustainable name, then the best approach is to truly contribute content that would otherwise be unaffordable to the audience.  A case in point is a blog I wrote on EMR selection that helped many physicians who just could not (or would not) bring in consultants to advise them on the right strategy.
  3. Just the facts please!  Be factual, short and sweet, but do not forget an old Sanskrit saying:  be sweet but do not lie, be truthful but do not hurt others.

Written by Subbu Murthy

May 28, 2010 at 11:37 am

Posted in IT Governance

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