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How do CIOs feel about outsourcing in today’s rough job market?

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Although the IT market has started to show signs of recovery, the high rate of unemployment has all of us pondering on the impact of outsourcing.  Most confuse outsourcing with off-shoring, although a majority of the outsourcing firms use the blended (on-shore+off-shore) delivery models.  I gathered opinions from CIO’s using several sources:  1) Linkedin Discussions;  2) Blogs; 3) Articles in magazines; and of course, Uncle Google.

The results I will share here are not “academic strength”, i.e. it will not pass the technical publication test, but represents a summary of the various opinions that surfaced.  I assumed that all responders are equal in terms of knowledge, so I did not weight the quality of the responder.  However, I did apply a weight to the specific quality of the article.  Responders who were very coherent in their analysis were included in the tally, the others simply ommitted from consideration.  The results are shown in parenthesis:

Group A:  Responders who felt that IT outsourcing was beneficial (30%)

Group B:  Responders who felt that IT outsourcing was beneficial but had serious short comings as well (50%)

Group C:  Responders who felt that IT outsourcing was harmful (20%)

The results show that about 80% of the CIOs still favor outsourcing.  I wonder what the results would be if the responders were all IT professionals in transition.

Written by Subbu Murthy

June 12, 2010 at 3:38 pm

Posted in IT Governance

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