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Going Live

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Our product uGovernIT went live last Monday.  The good news is that by and large it is very successful.  A few minor glitches were quickly fixed via patches. While the product was tested extensively by an independent test team, it lacked some of the rigor of a structured quality assurance plan.  Stress testing and gorilla testing were some of the glaring weaknesses.  We wanted to delay going live to enable us to build more rigor into our testing process, but our customer wanted to go live and did not accord us more time.  These time constraints forced us to take a few short-cuts in our testing process.  What saved us was a superior development team led by an able leader (our CTO).

uGovernIT is a fully integrated suite of IT Governance products to manage a variety of IT departments.  The philosophy is simple: be practical and provide 80 to 90% of the functionality needed at a fraction of the cost of comparable tools.  Equally important, uGovernIT’s vision is to provide an easy to use platform that can be deployed in a week or less. The product is designed for Small to Mid-Sized Enterprises who cannot afford to buy a plethora of tools and struggle to integrate them to provide meaningful insights into their IT expenditures and activities.  uGovernIT is well suited for IT departments with just a few IT resources to organizations with a few hundred IT Professionals.

This blog will probably be read a thousand times when our 1000th customer comes on line, and probably not read by any now, save a few of those who know our product today.  However, I did want to brag to the world that uGovernIT is alive and well.  Blogs should not be used as advertorials, but the 1000th reader two years from now will understand.

Written by Subbu Murthy

January 15, 2012 at 6:41 pm

Posted in IT Governance

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