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Three Levels of Clients

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Jim Sutter, a career CIO and a respected IT thought leader, presented the notion of three levels of clients to his peers at Orange County CIO Round Table.  The framework is essentially a 3×3 grid with the three levels of clients that the CIO has to consider and three areas of focus.  The three levels of clients follow the Anthony model:  CEO, Management Committees at the top, management and supervision forming the middle layer, and associates and individual contributors at the lower layer.  The three areas of focus include strategy, services and applications.  The key point made by Jim is that the CIO has to cater to the three levels across the three focus areas.  The objectives are in conflict.  For example, the C-level is focused on being competitive while being cost-effective.  This leads to minimum functions and services from IT that meets the business needs, yet remain competitive.  The lower layer is more concerned about performance, reliability and ease of use.  This leads to the need for more business functions.  The Management and Supervision layer is concerned about optimal resource allocation and generally have differing priorities.

uGovernIT takes into account these three layers:  It provides a practical ticketing system, user facing wizards to help users quickly and easily make user requests, mobile module to help IT manage user requests quickly and change management modules to ensure the integrity of delivered services.  uGovernIT is focused on delivering IT services efficiently and caters to the lower layer.

It also includes an integrated Project and Resource Management System that includes a resource allocation and tracking system, asset management, and a sophisticated project request and triaging system to help prioritize the project request and help management track the projects costs, schedule, risk and assess the project performance.  This caters to the middle management layer by providing complete transparency on IT activities and makes it simple for business and IT to prioritize and manage projects.

uGovernIT comes with a set of customizable IT Dashboards based on business intelligence using IT analytics to help assess how well IT is performing, assess ROI of IT investments, manage portfolio of projects, allocate resources, conduct IT assessments, and maintain an IT Balanced Scorecard as a benchmark of the value created by technology.  These dashboards are aimed at providing insights to the C-level executive and management committees to help ensure that IT budgets and expenditures are the right size and weight and aligned to the business.

Written by Subbu Murthy

January 17, 2012 at 12:56 am

Posted in IT Governance

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