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Are you old school IT?

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My earlier blog (Are you old school CIO?) hardly elicited any comments.  It should not – I am not branded yet. That will change very shortly when many old school CIOs will no longer be employed.  In fact, I am aware of a few who are old school and on the way out.  The same applies to all positions, even technical positions in IT.  If you are just doing your job, then you are a clear candidate for outsourcing.

Rafe Gomez seems to agree with my views: Quoting him:  “Just doing your job just doesn’t cut it anymore: while it may be challenging and  time-consuming, there could be someone right over your shoulder who can deliver  the same results faster, better, and cheaper. By embracing, developing, and  launching successful new ideas, however, you’ll differentiate yourself from your  co-workers, enhance your personal brand, and bring desired benefits to your  organization. You’ll also add years to your career and increase your value as an  employee, whether it’s in your current organization or in another one that has a  better understanding of – and appreciation for – your true worth.”

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Written by Subbu Murthy

July 27, 2012 at 7:55 am

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