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What is the color of your CIO?

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Four Color CIOAt a firm where I serve as the Consultant CIO, I was having a chat with our HR Director on how to manage change when we implement a planned new ERP system (we are currently in the planning stages). She whipped out a framework she had used to profile many of the key personnel in the firm. Oranges are results driven and care for outcomes. The reds are visionaries who care about direction, the blues are process focused and rely on structure to deliver results, and the greens are people centric. This was very helpful for me to plan the change management process.

I started wondering what is my color? Clearly as a CIO, we probably have a mix of all colors. However, one or two may dominate our personalities. The key is not color but does our color combination match the needs of the Enterprise we are serving. For example, if the enterprise is lagging and technology is its only savior to become competitive, then perhaps a more reddish CIO (visionary) may be right for the Enterprise. For Enterprises lacking structure, a blue CIO (process centric) may be ideal. For Enterprises where the business objectives and IT objectives are well articulated, a orange CIO (results driven) may be appropriate, and where resources are very strong but need coaching and guidance, a greenish CIO (people-centric) may be more suited. We could go into combinations of these colors and how they fit different needs, however, that would be a Ph.D. type thesis. One Ph.D. is way too much for me. It is interesting that the color of the CIO is relevant to the Enterprise after all.

Written by Subbu Murthy

August 20, 2014 at 11:07 pm

Posted in IT Governance

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