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CIO: Past, Present and Future

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Partnership with CECIn the past, the CIO was the interpreter between technology and business. The CIO served as the single point of contact between business/leadership and the technology group.  Initially, the CIO helped the technology group understand the business.  As the CIO moved from a Director of MIS/VP of IT to the CIO role, he/she helped the business understand technology.  The CIO did not stop there.  Today, the CIO is not just managing IT to keep the lights on but is managing the information to enable enterprises to become nimble and gain the competitive edge.  What is the future for the CIO?  Will the CIO take on additional roles like the CMO?  Even the COO or CEO are now within the reach of CIOs who have transformed from traditional silo IT executives to the C-Suite.

At UGovernIT, Inc. we have been developing tools for the CIO to manage the business of IT.  With CEC we now get access to valuable content that will help drive the change in the role and value created by the Office of the CIO.  Our partnership is designed to bring content from experienced CIOs, process and tools to aid the transformation.   Working with CEC, an IDG brand, we will be developing a framework and a series of articles that discuss the transforming role of the CIO and build the tools that enable the CIO to be effective and valuable to the enterprises they serve.

Written by Subbu Murthy

November 30, 2014 at 9:46 am

Posted in IT Governance

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