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Does IT Matter? (Revisited)

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Does IT Matter

When Nicholas Carr wrote that infamous article (“Does IT Matter?” byNicholas G. Carr. Harvard  Business School Press, May 2004), most refuted Mr. Carr vehemently.  In 2004, it was hard to  imagine a world where the Data Center is in the cloud and applications are delivered as a service.   We have seen the shift to the cloud, collaboration and social computing, and SaaS technologies  have become common place.  A decade has passed us by since Mr. Carr’s controversial article, but  the question now is does IT matter now?


Building Digital Tablets HorizontalIt still does, and in fact more so than before.  Without IT, businesses cannot function and remain as a business.  Businesses look to IT to gain efficiencies and maintain their competitive edge in the market. IT leadership has discovered shared services as an effective means to break organizational silos and deliver efficiencies across the Enterprise. What matters is that IT deliver more than just back-office.  To this extent we owe Mr. Carr some credit – we are beginning to think IT as both an utility and an enabler.

The importance of IT can be seen through the eyes of the CIO.  In fact, if you look at the evolution of the CIO, initially, the CIO helped the technology group understand the business. As the CIO moved from a Director of MIS/VP of IT to the CIO role, he/she helped the business understand technology. The CIO did not stop there. Today, the CIO is not just managing IT to keep the lights on but is managing the information to enable enterprises to become nimble and gain the competitive edge. Innovation leading to business transformation is one of the chief roles of the CIO.  Therefore, a decade later, IT still does matter.  However, the value of IT is best realized when it becomes a business enabler.

Written by Subbu Murthy

December 20, 2014 at 7:35 pm

Posted in IT Governance

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