A Practical Approach for IT Governance

The Top Four IT Priorities!

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Top Four IT PrioritiesIt is easier to create the top ten but the four identified below are part of our IT assessment methodology we use to identify the state of IT. While innovation is critical, we still feel that the number one priority is a secure and world class IT that runs the enterprise smoothly. The second is innovation i.e. generating possibilities and leveraging IT to create revenues. The third priority is replication and scaling up i.e. bringing efficiencies across the Enterprise, and the fourth is transparent IT Governance.   Sadly this is the missing leg in managing IT.  The ability to communicate and articulate the IT strategy is critical.  Implementing transparent IT Governance is just about the the best way to analyze, learn and align IT to meet the Enterprise needs.

IT Governance helps leadership run IT like a business.  Then it is easier run the business with IT.  As a leader, you cannot forge ahead if you have to constantly look over your shoulder. IT Governance helps you manage budgets, services and projects, your team’s workload and resources more effectively.  With tools like uGovernIT to help you, you can also configure services and project management processes to help your business units see the benefits of workflow automation and project portfolio management. IT Governance helps build trust with your business users, management and leadership by providing transparency in prioritizing and sequencing IT activities.  Analytics, benchmarks, dashboards and reports help you align IT to business needs by providing you a 360 degree view of your department performance.  IT Governance is best implemented by a change agent/CIO  who not only ensures that leadership team sees the benefit of IT Governance, but equally important, ensures that the IT team sees the value of transparency.

Written by Subbu Murthy

January 12, 2015 at 9:59 am

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