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CIO: Chapter 2

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This blog is not for CIOs who are currently getting their IT aligned to business or in the midst of a major overhaul of their ERP system or involved in transforming the organization from analog to digital.   This blog is reserved for those who have done all that and asking themselves what next?  In an earlier blog post: “The  Six Stages of the CIO“,  I had suggested a six stage process:  Learn, Grow, Leap, Mature, Become Stable, and Share!   This was great if you just wanted to end the career as a CIO.  Many CIOs, if not most,  fall into this category.  They look for a new job where they can repeat their know-how in a different setting.  They will encounter very few challenges, but 2 to 3 years later they will be in the same position again.  The average life of a CIO is around 4 years in a firm, so if you are journeyman CIO, then by the sunset of your career, you will have been a CIO in five to six companies (assuming it took you 10+ years to get there).

An attractive option is to move laterally with a view to move to the top.  Options are heading up Supply Chain or Operations or Finance or even Sales and Marketing or Strategy Planning.  You want to position yourself as the next COO or CEO.  To do this, you must have aligned the IT to your business, built a solid organization with key resources who are ready to take over your job, understand the business you are in, and built a very good relationship with your peers.  If you are interested in taking this option, you must start planning this from day 1 when you take your assignment as a CIO.

Curiously some of it happens just by chance. Many CIOs are asked to take on roles that they have never done before. I know several who are CIO/COO, CIO/CFO and even CIO/CMO.  These lucky CIOs are forced to break away from the mold. If you are not among the fortunate to get such roles, you can still break away from the mold by fearlessly following your instincts and focusing on how to deliver value to the Enterprise.

Written by Subbu Murthy

January 29, 2016 at 11:09 pm