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March 2017 CIO of the Month: Dan Sze

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Dan SzeDan completed his Federal Government career as Deputy Director of State programs, where he deployed multi-billion energy programs. At the Departments of Energy, Defense and State, he performed as acquisition executive, program director, strategic policy manager, contracting officer, construction manager, chief information officer and Foreign Service Officer. During that time, he was responsible for major policy and regulatory initiatives under six American presidents and construction of the East Coast Trident nuclear submarine base. He obtained his Architect registration in 1982. Dan also serves on the City Council, City of Falls Church, Virginia.

As an example of his achievements, Dan was the national program manager of Rebuild America, a network of state, community, and business partnerships focused on energy efficiency and energy technology projects in buildings and infrastructure. Under his leaqdership, energy efficiency improvements across 2 billion square feet of projects resulted in $500 million annual savings. To put this in perspective, that was the equivalent of 10% of all commercial space in the United States. To accomplish this, Dan created a world-class web based platform with opting-in, tracking and handling a variety of workflow activities, aggregating and directing responses to requests for technical assistance and workshops, and facilitating interaction among over 3,000 communities and individuals, 250 business entities and 25 strategic non-government organizations (NGOs). The Rebuild America system was validated in a DOE/KPMG Peat-Marwick study as “best in class” for the Department.

At UGovernIT, Inc., we help CIOs leverage technology and deliver true value to their enterprise.  Every month we name a CIO who has helped us understand the role of the CIO and build uGovernIT, the product that is termed “the Uber of IT Management.”  We are honored to select Dan Sze as the CIO of the month. I requested him to send a short autobiography of his career.   Please read it and you will see why he is our CIO of the month. One of his quotes I will never forget is”everything you have done up to this point in time counts for about 10%; what lies ahead is the remaining 90%.

Written by Subbu Murthy

March 27, 2017 at 8:41 am