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CIOs OnDemand

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For small firms, to have a full time CIO is a waste of valuable resources.  One challenge is that time-sharing can lead to situations of conflicting demands.  It is therefore critical that continuity be maintained to ensure that small firms benefit from the CIO when needed.  A retainer model helps ensure continuity and provides the CIO the flexibility to manage schedules to avoid conflicts.  A second challenge is to ensure that the CIO functions as a CIO and not as a consultant.  To mitigate this risk, the CIO providing OnDemand services must function as though he is a trusted employee of the firm.  The business should also treat the CIO as a  trusted member of the executive committee.  

 The CIO should play the role of an executive working with other C-level executives to develop and manage technology that is “synchronous” (aligned is over-used) with the business. It is critical that the CIO provide an appropriate governance framework that is not onerous.  In most small companies, the CIO may also have to play the role of the CTO for these firms and develop/manage the IT projects (using the portfolio approach) that is efficient, secure and provides true value to the enterprise.

Written by Subbu Murthy

May 2, 2010 at 10:50 pm